TikTok video reveals we've been filling ice cube trays wrong the entire time

ice cube trays freezer
Never get splashed or risk overflow again. Photo credit: Getty.

After paying for years of schooling and university, who could've guessed we'd all end up learning most of our life skills from TikTok?

One user of the app has absolutely stunned viewers by revealing most of us have been filling ice cube trays wrong for our whole lives. 

If you're like me, when filling an ice cube tray you probably let the stream of water from the tap fill each individual square, battling water splashing back into your face, and overfilling into the sink. 

Well, battle no longer. 

US TikTok user 'Brittnaenae' shared a 10-second clip which shows the water should instead flow onto the flat spaces between each section, which allows it to gently flow into the surrounding sections. 

No splashing or overflowing in sight. 

"Am I just dumb? Or did nobody else know this either?" she says the video, posted earlier this month. 

The clip has racked up over 4 million views from shocked fans who agreed they'd been doing it wrong their idea lives. 

"Not in all my 40 years did I know this. What the hell!" wrote one woman. 

"I was today years old when I learned this," wrote another adding she thought the flat sections were to help you remove the frozen cubes.

Another complained that ice trays didn't come with a manual. 

It's not the first life hack we've learned from the social media video-sharing app. 

Earlier this month an Aussie woman revealed how to get perfectly soft, fluffy towels using a common household ingredient, and another woman revealed a genius way to perfectly slice pieces of cake. 

Better living everybody.