Tiniest pub in New Zealand now open for brews

emersons tiny pub
Only got one friend? You're in luck. Photo credit: Supplied.

If you've ever battled for seats or struggled to hear your friends over a ruckus at the pub, it's probably appealing to have the whole place to yourself for the night - with a full range of beers of course. 

Now you and a friend can enjoy that luxury, by booking a spot in the country's tiniest pub.

Currently travelling around Aoeteroa, Emerson's Tiny Pub can only hold up to two people at a time, the perfect space for a couple of friends to have an uninterrupted catch up over a cold one. 

Complete with a tiny dartboard, a tiny piano, one bartender and a one-item menu, it's one of the smallest pubs in New Zealand history. 

The pub is bookable for 27-minute slots at 10 locations starting June 25.

"It's a good time to catch up with a mate and have one or two beers," founder of Emerson's Brewery Richard Emerson told The Project. 

"We want other people to enjoy the pub. We want to share the pub with people that come - otherwise, they'll be waiting all night for the next person to leave." 

The Project co-host Patrick Gower popped along to experience the pub. Watch the full video to see how he went.