US mum and daughter spark outrage with 'horrendous' tea-making tutorial

cup of tea
It's tea - but not as you know it. Photo credit: Getty.

Tea-lovers are always particular about how they have their brew - whether they take it milky, strong with two sugars, or basic black. 

But no matter how you prefer your cuppa, you'll probably be shocked and appalled with the tea tutorial provided by a US mum and daughter in a now-viral TikTok video. 

"So I got a lot of questions after my last video, and everyone wanted to see me make hot tea or British tea," the mother says to camera, before her daughter launches into the tutorial.

She begins by filing a full cup of water from the tap, before placing it in the microwave - no kettle or teabag in sight. 

After heating the water, she pours in a large amount of milk - an amount so large it would make even the weakest tea-lover shudder. 

Only then does she drop a teabag into the milk-water, and stirs until it becomes appropriately grey and odd looking. 

Surely the horror is over - but she's not done. The girl then free-pours in sugar for a solid few seconds, until the cup is almost overflowing. 

And that's it. Tea tutorial complete. 

"That's how you make hot tea," the pair finish the clip, beaming. 

The video has racked up 7000,000 views - but the response has not been good. Appalled commenters - mostly Brits - voiced their outrage at the method. 

"This is a crime," wrote one person 

"What the bloody hell was that insult to our culture?" asked another baffled person. 

"A little bit of me just died inside," wrote another.