All Black Richie Mo'unga joins How to Dad for hilarious cooking lesson

All Black and father-in-waiting Richie Mo'unga has swapped his boots for an apron in an episode of a new cooking series with YouTube star Jordan Watson, aka 'How to Dad'. 

Mo'unga took time out from training to get some cooking tips from the parenting personality in the advertising campaign for meal-kit company HelloFresh. 

The Crusader is due to have his first child with wife Sophie Vieceli in the coming months.

Mo'unga admits his involvement in the How To Dinner campaign was somewhat out of his comfort zone. 

"I'm a bit of a beginner in the kitchen and I pretty much rely on Sophie, but taking part in the series has inspired me to cook more, especially now with a baby on the way, " he says.

"I've realised great tasting food doesn't have to be complicated.

"Now I feel like I'm able to create a whole meal from start to finish on my own. I'm excited to have learned a new skill to relax with off the field." 

In the tongue-in-cheek video, first-five Mo'unga is seen cooking pitchside as he and Watson serve up the laughs. While Watson does his best to pepper the content with a number of sporting puns, Mo'unga takes it all in his stride and at times even has to give Watson the odd lesson on kitchen utensils. 

Mo'unga is the second high-profile Kiwi to feature on the How to Dinner video series, with Suzanne Paul having joined Watson on-screen during lockdown.

Watson says he thinks he and Mo'unga are evenly matched, both on and off the field. 

"I'd say during our day that along with some kitchen skills, Richie definitely came away with tips for on the field," he says. 

"I mean did you see him score that first try in last weekend's game? I think he's definitely taken some of my advice onboard." 

Mo'unga will be playing with the Crusaders against the Blues this Saturday in a highly anticipated, top-of-the-table Super Rugby Aotearoa showdown.