Bridesmaid triggers internet debate after revealing cost of 'pricey' dress

Bridesmaids and brides
Many have called the pricey request "ridiculous". Photo credit: Getty.

There are often many differing viewpoints and rules when it comes to weddings, especially over cost. Should there be an open bar? Should you have to buy a present?

But one that often triggers fiery debate is whether the bridal party should have to pay for their own - often expensive - outfits.

A UK woman reignited the discussion on popular parenting forum Mumsnet asking if she was unreasonable for being angry at having to fork out for a birdesmaid dress. 

In the post, the woman explained how she and her sister had been asked to be bridesmaids for their cousin's big day, who they "used to be very close to". 

"We aren't short of money but the dresses she has chosen for us to wear and asked us to pay for ourselves are £350 (NZ$670) each," she wrote. 

"I wouldn't say no and look cheap, but if it was my wedding I'd never ask this of someone. 

"Is she a [control freak]?"

The post racked up over 200 replies from people throwing in their passionate two cents.

Many thought it was outrageous the bridesmaids were required to pay for their own dresses in the first place.

"So you have to pay for a dress she wants? Zero chance that would be happening! Ridiculous waste of money," one person commented. 

"You definitely shouldn't be paying for your own dress! Why on earth does she want dresses that expensive!" another questioned. "My wedding dress was only £400... madness to have the same for bridesmaids."

Others said that if the bride wants their bridesmaids to pay for their dresses, they should at least have some say in the matter. 

"I asked my two adult bridesmaids to get their dresses. All I asked they get was a colour... they could have spent £25 or £100," one person wrote.

"If you get to choose your own then it would be more reasonable to ask you to pay as you can choose something you may wear again and within your own budget," another agreed. 

It's not the first time people have been up in arms over which rules are still appropriate for a wedding in 2020. Earlier this year a guest raised eyebrows by attending a wedding wearing a bright red, sheer lace dress.