Celebrating Cadbury Caramilk Hokey Pokey with the ultimate Kiwi road trip

Just when you thought New Zealand's favourite chocolate couldn't get any more iconic, Cadbury Caramilk Hokey Pokey has arrived for the ultimate flavour journey.

To celebrate, Kiwi comedian Guy Williams has hit the road with the greatest Kiwi icon he could find - his own dad Gary (Gazza to his mates.)

From Taupo to Matamata the father-son duo embark on a trip taking in some of the country’s best sites, picking up some mates and sharing plenty of laughs along the way.

A Cadbury Caramilk love affair

Cadbury Caramilk Hokey Pokey is just the latest variation on the flavour to set Kiwi stomachs a-rumbling, with last year's Cadbury Twirl Caramilk also flying off the shelves.

Will Papesch, Head of Marketing for Cadbury New Zealand says bringing back Cadbury Caramilk in this new form was a no-brainer, considering how popular the flavour has proven.

"Kiwis love for this flavour of chocolate has been absolutely amazing."

Cadbury Caramilk was first released in 1994 as a special-edition but proved so popular it returned in 2018 and then for good in 2019.  

As to why he thinks Cadbury Caramilk fever has gripped the country quite so strongly, Papesch says it ticks a lot of boxes for New Zealanders.

"I think Kiwis love novelty but they also like iconic flavours and Cadbury Caramilk Hokey Pokey is both of those at present."

One look at #caramilk on social media offers up an embarrassment of riches, with Papesch giving a personal shout out to whichever genius invented the Cadbury Caramilk cheesecake. 

Celebrating occasions

Papesch says after a challenging year with many of us spending so long apart, there's never been a better time to come together, whether it's for a road trip or just to share your favourite flavour treat.

"Chocolate plays an integral role in so many cultural celebrations. Whether it's Easter, Christmas, or Halloween, what all those things have in common is people coming together."

"Just look at the classic shape of a chocolate block, it's built for sharing."

Papesch did have a good-natured warning for Kiwis planning their own road trips with a couple of blocks of the good stuff.

"Once you send that chocolate to your mates in the backseat, it ain't coming back your way."

Special-edition Cadbury Caramilk Hokey Pokey is available in supermarkets now. 

This article was created for Cadbury NZ