Marmite suggests making a hot drink using yeast spread

Marmite drink
Piping hot cup of Marmite, anyone? Photo credit: Marmite/Instagram (via. The Breeze)

If the mid-afternoon slump is heading your way, you're probably about ready for a cup of tea or coffee to perk you up. But have you ever considered a cup of piping hot Marmite?

Next time you have a few people around for a cuppa, you may want to offer up the unique option. Or perhaps not. 

The Kiwi brand shared a video to Instagram showing how to make a savoury hot drink using the traditional yeast spread. 

"True or False: You can drink Marmite," the video was captioned.

"Answer: True! Along with tasting great in broths, Marmite is also great on its own as a cuppa with hot water - it's like a Marmite Miso Soup!"

The video has racked up over 70,000 views and some very mixed reactions. 

"Pass thanks. You can stay put on my crumpets," wrote one Instagram user.

"This is hideous," wrote another. 

But some people were fans of the idea. 

"Marmite in hot vegetable soup is god-tier," advised one person. 

"Yes, mum always made this for me when I was sick. Soft white bread and butter to dip in!" another offered. 

We think we'll stick to a Milo as our mid-arvo treat. 

The Breeze/Newshub