McDonald's launches sugar-free version of Frozen Coke

Mcdondalds frozen coke no sugar
Help this weekend's hangover without the sugar rush. Photo credit: Supplied.

In a move set to help this weekend's hangover, McDonald's has announced the launch of a no-sugar version of their beloved Frozen Coke. 

The fast-food chain and soft drink giant Coca Cola announced the launch of the new menu item on Wednesday. 

It comes as part of a series of new menu announcements from McDonald's, including several new varieties of Kiwiburger. 

In 2016, McDonald's announced a programme to deliver nutritional improvement across its menu, with a specific focus on consuming sugar in beverages. Frozen Coke No Sugar is projected to remove more than 30 tonnes of sugar from the McDonald's menu each year.

"We are delighted to be offering Coca-Cola New Zealand's innovative no sugar beverage to Kiwis as it greatly supports our goal to reduce the level of sugar consumed in beverages on the McDonald's menu," says McDonald's New Zealand managing director Dave Howse.

"The launch of Frozen Coke No Sugar is the latest part of that plan, and it's great to be able to offer a product our customers have been telling us they'd love to see."

The frozen beverage will be available at McDonald's restaurants nationwide from Wednesday - when the machine is working of course.