New research reveals which baby names parents regret giving their kids the most

choosing baby name
There are some pretty popular names on the list. Photo credit: Getty.

This article was first published in July 2020.

Baby name trends come and go, and there are definitely a few which probably won't stand the test of time - Khaleesi, anyone? 

But in a bold parenting move, a large group of UK parents have admitted which names they most reget giving their child - and there are some pretty popular ones on the list. 

The survey of almost 6000 Brits from online calculation site Gigacalculator revealed a whopping 73 percent thought of better names for their children after they'd already made it official, with 30 percent admitting they didn't give enough thought to their children's names.

The reasoning behind name regret was mainly from parents who later realised the name they picked didn't suit their child, while nearly half disliked the named because their partner picked it. 

A celebrity or friend picking the same name and schoolyard bullying were also factors. 

The number one boy's name parents regretted was Hunter, with 32 percent of parents saying they no longer liked it. Coming in second was Jaxon with 29 percent and Carter with 28 percent. Oliver also ranked highly, which has been the most popular baby name for Kiwis for the last seven years running.

For girls, Aurora was the number one most regretted name with 35 percent of parents regretting it. Arabella came in next with 32 percent, and 28 percent regret naming their baby Lyla.

The survey also asked parents to list the names they would never call their children. For boys, the top answers were Boris and Donald, presumably inspired by certain notorious world leaders. For girls, the top answer was Karen, followed by Isis and then Meghan.

The most regretted boys names  

  1. Hunter - 32 percent 
  2. Jaxon - 29 percent
  3. Carter - 28 percent
  4. Tobias - 25 percent
  5. Oliver - 24 percent
  6. Grayson - 22 percent
  7. Felix - 21 percent
  8. Jasper - 20 percent
  9. Sonny - 17 percent
  10. Dexter - 12 percent

The most regretted girls names 

  1. Aurora - 35 percent
  2. Arabella - 32percent 
  3. Lyla - 28 percent
  4. Amber - 27 percent
  5. Edith - 24 percent
  6. Maryam - 21 percent
  7. Harriet - 19 percent
  8. Summer - 15 percent
  9. Delilah - 13 percent
  10. Gracie - 12 percent