Top traits which make up a good friend revealed in new study

women dancing
It's not just a shared love for wine-fuelled singalongs that make up a friendship. Photo credit: Getty.

Loyalty is the top trait of a best friend, a new study has found.

To mark International Friendship Day on July 30, UK researchers have determined which qualities are needed to maintain a lasting friendship.

Over 1000 UK adults took part in the survey, commissioned by Disney to celebrate the 90-year onscreen friendship of Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Donald and Daisy Duck, and Pluto and Goofy as part of its Stay True campaign.


The poll revealed that 79 percent of people wanted a loyal friend, with someone who is trustworthy claiming second place with 66 percent.

"Our need for close friends will never end," expert Dr Irene S. Levine said. "Friends can help lift us, contribute to a reduction in stress, promote positive behaviours and help limit unhealthy behaviours."

Kindness was in third place with 53 percent, while being accepting of faults received 48 percent, and sharing the same values was in fifth place with 45 percent.

Researchers report that the average person has four close friends and usually meets their best pal by the age of 19. Two-fifths of adults say their childhood best pal is still their BFF, while one in three people met their closest friend at work.

Stars including model Gigi Hadid, Chance the Rapper and actress Yara Shahidi are supporting the campaign by paying tribute to their pals with #MickeyFriendshipChallenge, which allows people to send digital thank you cards and videos to their besties.

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