Why nothing compares to the classics when it comes to home decorating

  • 31/07/2020
white grey lounge
Beginning with a strong base built with timeless classic colours is important if you want your interior scheme to last. Photo credit: Getty.

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While hopping on to the latest trend can be tempting, not having to redecorate every few years is a goal for many homeowners. 

But how do you keep your spaces from going stale? 

Beginning with a strong base built with timeless classic colours is important if you want your interior scheme to last. Luckily, Resene has their Classics Collection and The Range Whites and Neutrals collection, which provide a wide breadth of classic paint colours that are perfect for any home.

Long enduring colours including blues, greens, greys, reds, blacks and whites and will serve you well as a starting point.

Try these ideas for cultivating a classic scheme in these hues that'll keep your home looking fresh for years to come.


Blue is a hue that will never go out of fashion, inside the home or out. Consistently considered to be the most popular colour in the world, it brings a calming and elegant feel to any room or exterior. Plus, it comes in so many tones that it's impossible not to find one that you like. 

If you are looking to create a chic look you can put a nautical spin on, try classic coastal blues like Resene's Breathless, Solitude, Duck Egg Blue or Breeze. If you are after a more regal environment, darker blues and navy can help make that magic happen. Reach for Indian Ink, Bunting, Dark Knight or Coast.

blue bedroom
Blue is a hue that will never go out of style. Photo credit: Supplied/Resene.

Denim blues - those with grey undertones - are the perfect pick for outdoors. If you have an older home, particularly if it's a weatherboard-clad villa, you can't go wrong with shades like Resene Inside Back, Dusted Blue or Resene Hammerhead trimmed with Half Sea Fog, Half Merino or Alabaster.


Green can offer so much to a space. Although often looked over as an 'in-your-face' colour, greens can be soothing and bring a natural aspect to the game. From dark greens to pale, neutral greens there is something for every space and every person.

Bathrooms look amazing with deep-toned green feature walls to adds warmth to a typically clinical area. Try Resene Palm Green, Permanent Green or Forest Green. 

Light greens are able to offer a tranquil feeling like a spa or beauty salon, meaning they work well in living rooms and bedrooms to ensure your environment's made for relaxing. Classic light greens include Resene Spanish Green, Pewter, Bud and Coriander.


A colour that has had a significant resurgence in the last decade is grey. With so many options available, you can easily repaint your walls with a grey that suits your current furniture and home décor.

Grey has seen a massive resurgence in recent years.
Grey has seen a massive resurgence in recent years. Photo credit: Supplied/Resene.

Deeper greys work well with contrasting furniture in whites, blacks, and gold as they become a part of the setting. Deep greys to try are Resene Armadillo, Quarter Gravel and Half Baltic Sea. Lighter greys are perfect to give a clean look to a room without using white. These lighter greys allow you to be a bit more adventurous with your décor and furniture colours. If you have warmer toned pieces try a similarly toned light grey like Resene Triple Ash, Half Linen and Half Tana. If your furniture is in cooler tones, then reach for cool greys like Resene Iron, Quarter Rakaia, and Surrender.


The popularity of red is everlasting. So many people enjoy having red in their homes because of the way it adds energetic warmth to a space, bringing liveliness and passion along with it. 

For a timeless look, try traditional reds with light to mid-toned taupe browns or grey browns such as Resene Dynamite with Schooner or Mondo. Or, bring it into a living room with a feature wall in a deep and fearless red like Resene Hot Chile, Pohutukawa and Resene Red for a dramatic look. 

Red is also a classic option for a front door. Try a statement red like Resene Jalapeno or Red Berry with weatherboards in Bastille for contrast and extra drama. Choose Resene Enamacryl waterborne enamel for a durable high gloss sheen or opt for Lustacryl semi-gloss waterborne enamel to get the same durability in a lower sheen.


Dramatic and timeless, black is about as classic as colours come. While true blacks can be difficult to work with as they will often end up looking washed out, softer charcoal blacks, near-black greys and inky blue-blacks are great options for creating a sophisticated scheme such as Resene Jaguar, Nocturnal, Foundry and Indian Ink.


Saving the most classic for last, whites have been around for centuries and will continue to be around for centuries more. They lend a clean and simple look to any room and work wonderfully with literally any other colour you can imagine. 

We saved the most classic shade until last.
We saved the most classic shade until last. Photo credit: Supplied/Resene.

Whether you want all crisp white walls or a slightly warmer tone, look to the Resene The Range Whites and Neutrals collection for favourite whites that you'll love for as long as they're on your walls. Cool whites are crisp and can make a space look modern, fresh and clean. To get the look, try timeless options like Half Black White, Quarter Sea Fog, Quarter Merino and Half Alabaster. If you prefer a warmer space, go for Rice Cake or Eighth Spanish White which have soft and creamy undertones.

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