Why you might want to make the switch to organic wine

man selecting wine bottle
It might be time to make the switch. Photo credit: Getty.

Feeling terrible after sinking a bottle of wine over the weekend? Well, it could be time to ditch the sulphate-laden plonk and try organic wine instead.

Vineyards around the world are now embracing organic farming methods of grapes and avoiding the use of chemical fertilisers, pesticides, fungicides and herbicides in their wine production.

Expert sommeliers will tell you that some Champagne has added sugar to boost alcohol levels, while some even use wood chips to replicate the taste of barrel-aged wine, or add colour to darker wines, giving drinkers the infamous red wine mouth.

Sulphur dioxide is also widely used by most vineyards when making wine due to its anti-bacterial properties, but some drinkers can experience nasty allergic reactions to sulphites, such as a hives, blotchy skin and stomach cramps.

So, why not give your body – and liver – a break, and enjoy some eco-friendly organic wine for a change?

Hollywood actress Cameron Diaz has jumped on the clean vino bandwagon and launched her own organic rose and white wine brand, Avaline, with no added sugars, colours, or concentrates.

The Charlie's Angels star said she decided to create the wine, with close friend Katherine Power, to give people the chance to drink a healthier glass of ice-cold rose without the fear of a nasty hangover.

"When I just want to have a glass of wine that I can share with my friends hanging out on the porch or having a low-key dinner, all I want is a wine that tastes delicious, that’s easy to drink, that I know is made with organic grapes and with the least amount of ingredients," she told Rolling Stone. "We created Avaline for those moments."

It's worth noting that organic wine can be a lot more expensive than the regular stuff, but minimal additives mean it might be worth splashing out if you're so inclined!

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