Woman's hilarious DIY painting fail leaves internet in stitches

"You're a dead woman," one person commented.
"You're a dead woman," one person commented. Photo credit: Getty.

If you've ever had a strike of DIY inspiration and gone in all guns blazing without considering the consequences, you can probably relate to this hilarious fail from a UK woman. 

Debra Collingwood posted in the Facebook group 'DIY On A Budget' revealing the crucial step she missed out on when deciding spontaneously to paint a set of wardrobe doors white in their bedroom. 

Collingwood went straight into slapping paint onto the slatted doors, before realising far too late all the paint had gone through the gaps - straight onto her husband's clothes inside. 

white paint
The woman only realised her error too late. Photo credit: Facebook/DIY on a Budget.

 "When you can’t be arsed to empty the wardrobe," she captioned the picture, adding it was her husband's wardrobe. "I will definitely be emptying mine when I do it." 

The post racked up over 3000 comments from people laughing at the hilarious DIY fail. 

"Omg you're a dead woman walking what were you thinking?" wrote one horrified person, 

"People pay good money for clothes with this design," joked another. 

"Turn the clothes around so he can’t see," another ingeniously suggested. 

While Collingwood said she hoped her husband would see the funny side, somehow we feel like that might take a little while.