Australian mum starts debate over Vegemite pasta dish

vegemite pasta
Opinion was split over whether the dish looked delicious or like a disaster. Photo credit: Facebook/Budget Friendly Meals Australia.

An Australian mother has started an online debate after revealing the true blue Aussie dish she whips up for her family - Vegemite pasta. 

Posting in Facebook group 'Budget-Friendly Meals', the woman wrote that "if you love Vegemite, then you'll love this Vegemite pasta".

She revealed the super-simple recipe only requires four ingredients: spaghetti, cheese, Vegemite and butter. 

Cook the pasta in salted water as usual, keeping half a cup of the cooking water before draining the cooked pasta. 

Next, mix butter and Vegemite in a saucepan with half of the pasta water until all combined. Stir the pasta through the mixture and add the rest of the water, before serving with cheese.

Australian mum starts debate over Vegemite pasta dish
Photo credit: Facebook/Budget Friendly Meals Australia.

"It's AMAZING for nights you can't be bothered cooking. You can add as much or as little Vegemite as you like - it tastes like a cheesymite scroll," the Aussie mum wrote. 

Opinion was split in the comments, with some Vegemite-lovers excited to try it and others writing they were gagging at the thought. 

"I love Vegemite ... but I'll pass," wrote one person. 

"No wayyyyy! But that's just me," wrote another. 

"My little boy loves this. So easy and it tastes nice," added a fan. 

"GAME CHANGER!" praised another. 

Of course, putting yeast spread into pasta isn't actually new. Celebrity chef Nigella Lawson has a popular Marmite pasta recipe on her site that she says was introduced to her by an Italian food writer. If you're looking for similar umami flavours, Chrissy Teigen's miso pasta recipe is equally delicious.