Instagram influencer Karina Irby slams 'Karen' who told her to lose weight

Irby has slammed the body-shaming 'Karen' who told her losing weight may help her skin conditions.
Irby has slammed the body-shaming 'Karen' who told her losing weight may help her skin conditions. Photo credit: Instagram/Karina Irby.

Australian Instagram influencer Karina Irby has fired back at a body-shaming 'Karen' who recommended she lose weight in a passive-aggressive message. 

The Moana Bikini founder has gained a following of more than 1 million with her body-positive feed. 

Irby, who battles with skin conditions eczema, folliculitis and staphylococcus, often posts updates on her conditions. Last month Irby revealed her "recipe for success" when treating the staph infections, including cutting back on shaving and scratching.  

But one follower had her own unwanted advice to share.

In a post on Monday, Irby shared a message sent to her by a follower questioning whether her skin conditions were down to weight gain. 

"I'm not trying to be rude but I feel like all your skin issues etc may have started when you started putting on weight," the message read.

"Maybe try and lose some weight and see if it lessens a little bit for you? Can only try hun x."

Irby replied to the message with a simple "wow", but added in the caption that she was now strong enough to address these types of messages after receiving them for years.

"FYI Karen. I was born with these skin conditions," she wrote, adding that the message had helped "remind me why I enjoy exposing myself so comfortably".

"Because it's people like you that make people like us feel like they have to feel ashamed, embarrassed and cover ourselves up.

"I'm proud to say I'm strong enough now to say NO and kindly SHUT UP."

Irby's followers were shocked at the message and quickly posted their own supportive comments.  

"Good lord some people are so unhappy," wrote Kiwi influencer Mandy Duncan.

"That’s the most passive-aggressive, stupid message I have ever seen... does she actually think she is fooling you into thinking she cares about you?" wrote another follower. 

"What the f**k is wrong with people?! You're an absolute queen and that is all," wrote another.