Internet divided over same-sex couple's 'donor sperm giveaway' on Instagram

Allie and Sam conducting sperm donor giveaway on Instagram
The 'LGBT travel couple' have over 200,000 followers on Instagram. Photo credit: Instagram/Allie&Sam.

Instagram influencers are known for sharing a lot - often too much - of their lives on the internet. 

But a new giveaway from same-sex influencer couple Allie Conway and Sam Kwiatkowski has the internet divided, with many thinking they've gone too far. 

The pair, who describe themselves as an 'LGBT travel couple' in their bio, have over 200,000 followers and often conduct giveaways for things like pet food and beauty products. 

But over the weekend things took a turn, with Allie and Sam posing a photo announcing their partnership with local sperm bank Fairfax Cryobank. 

In the post, they offered one person the chance to win "credit for [one] vial of donor sperm (of your choice)" with "free shipping" included. 

It's been liked over 13,000 times, with many couples commenting it would be lifechanging. 

"We just started our IVF process," one woman wrote. "This would be a dream / big time-saving on the already huge bill. Thank you for the opportunity ladies!"

"The things I would do to start our family," another wrote, tagging in her partner. 

But after screenshots were shared on Twitter, some felt the giveaway was "odd", especially with some people seemingly entering only to win a giveaway. 

"I like all free stuff, even sperm," one person commented on the picture, tagging in her friend. 

Podcast producer and writer Jake Arlow posted the giveaway on Twitter, writing she had "terrible news". 

"My girlfriend is obsessed with the worst ig lesbian influencers and she just informed me that they are doing a SPERM DONOR GIVEAWAY," she wrote.

"Imagine telling your child they came from an Instagram giveaway."

"This is odd, but sperm is expensive so I get it. My main concern is are people just getting a random vial or do they get credit and get to pick their donor? That really makes all of the difference here," someone replied. 

"The real question is: FREE SHIPPING? Imagine telling your kid they literally came in the mail," another pointed out. 

YouTuber Tyler Oakley also shared the tweet, joking: "Do they care what I do with it or."

According to the Fairfax website, a single vial of sperm costs between US$650 and US$1050.