Internet split after bride slams sister's 'hideous, inappropriate' wedding outfit

Reddit post about sister's "hideous" zebra-striped wedding dress
The bride dubbed the dress "hideous", but Reddit users wondered if she was the one at fault. Photo credit: Reddit/Pinterest.

A bride has been dubbed insecure after condemning the "hideous" zebra-striped dress her sister wanted to wear for her "small family" wedding. 

The 20-year-old bride turned to popular Reddit forum 'Am I the Asshole' (AITA) to ask fellow Redditers what they thought of the "tight and unflattering" dress her sister 24-year-old sister 'Ruby' intended on wearing. 

"Imagine a body-con dress, and where the zebra stripes are, there are rows of black sequins and plastic diamonds," the unhappy bride wrote, later posting a photo of a similar style of dress. 

"I clearly told her nothing overly sexy."

As the bride went on, it became clear that the conflict between sisters perhaps runs deeper than just over the dress. 

"Ruby is mad because when she got married two years ago, I wore something appropriate (long blue dress) and still got more attention than her. Guys were hitting on me all night and my sister thinks I got more compliments than her," the bride wrote, adding she "wasn't counting". 

"I think Ruby is just being difficult because she's still bitter. 

"AITA for sticking to my guns and banning her wacky dress?"

Commenters were split over the conflict, with many saying the bride was the immature one. 

"This entire post reeks of insecurity and petty drama between two women who are far too old to behave this way," one person wrote.

"Why does it matter what she wears? If you're as hot of a number as you claim to be then shouldn't everyone be in awe over you in your wedding dress and not pay attention to the sister anyway?"

"There is so much petty sibling drama in this post, it's hard to believe there's enough maturity to be getting married," another wrote. 

But others defended the bride and agreed the dress was inappropriate.

"Your marriage, your rules. If she doesn't comply she can go to McDonald's," one person wrote. 

"That dress sounds awful. I had a dress code at my wedding. If people complain at that, then they aren't showing you much respect," agreed another. 

It's not the first time in recent weeks an inappropriate wedding outfit has hit headlines. Earlier this month, a wedding guest was slammed online for sporting a long, white, lace gown to a friend's nuptials.