Lewis Road Creamery launches collagen-infused milk

The popular supplement promises to help hair, skin and nail health.
The popular supplement promises to help hair, skin and nail health. Photo credit: Facebook/Lewis Road.

With collagen one of the most popular supplements on the market right now, you've probably seen Kiwi collagen brands like Dose and Co, Adishiko and Jeuneora pop up on your social media feeds. 

But now New Zealand milk company Lewis Road Creamery is cutting out the middleman, launching new milk infused with collagen.

Collagen has recently become the holy grail of internal healthcare - a supplement promising to banish ageing, joint pain, make hair and nails grow. New York dermatologist Dr Whitney Bowe told WebMD that as we get older our bodies break down collagen, which she refers to as "the glue that holds the body together" and is found in everything from our hair to our joints, faster than we can create and replace it. Therefore, she suggests ingesting collagen to keep that "glue" intact.

Lewis Road has taken advantage of the market boom, and collaborated with Christchurch-based collagen producers Jeuneora, to add bovine collagen peptides to its standard homogenised milk. 

"Simply pour it on your morning muesli, in your tea or coffee, or blend it with your favourite smoothie to get the added benefits of collagen while still enjoying the nutritious and delicious taste of our Homogenised Jersey Milk," Lewis Road wrote on Facebook. 

"The bovine collagen, that specifically supports joint health and optimum mobility, is added to our Homogenised Jersey Milk before it is pasteurised and bottled. 

"With no impact on taste and texture, the milk has the same smooth, rich and creamy taste as its collagen-free counterpart."

A single 250ml serve contains 5gm of collagen - the recommended daily dose.