Morrinsville woman gets portrait of Ashley Bloomfield tattooed on her leg

The tattoo.
The tattoo. Photo credit: Facebook/Famous Dave's Tattoo Studio.

One Morrinsville woman has made waves on the internet for her interesting new ink.

The woman, known only as Sherilyn, has emblazoned her calf with a large portrait of Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield. The tattoo also features the Beehive, and Anzac poppy and the statue of former Prime Minister Richard Seddon. 

The artist who did the tattoo, Dave Mouat, says the design and tattoo took around four hours.

"I just had a look through [photos of Bloomfield] and liked the one with the hair flowing in the wind. It's great, very stately," he told ZM.

Although it's the first COVID-themed tattoo he has done, Mouat says he wasn't surprised when Sherilyn came in with the concept.

"She's fun and most of her tattoos reflect her quirky sense of humour."

A picture of Sherilyn's new ink posted to Mouat's tattoo studio Facebook page has drawn a mixed reaction.

"Excellent choice, love it," wrote one woman. However some weren't entirely convinced saying the idea was "a bit different".

"Not for me," wrote one man.