Revealed: The four key secrets to a healthy night's sleep

  • 24/08/2020
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Revealed: The four key secrets to a healthy night's sleep
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Innovative mattress-making company Fullair says the health benefits of not only a good night's sleep, but waking up in the right frame of mind can't be ignored.

Healthy sleeping is essential, especially for an individual's immunity system and is critical to surviving lockdown. 

The four key aspects of getting a healthy sleep are comfort, support, temperature and mattress hygiene.

In the hunt for a solution to the age old problem of waking up feeling worse than when you went to bed, the company spent years working in research and development to find the right balance of comfort, well-being, environmental friendliness and economic viability. 

The Fullair team believes there are four features to look out for in a good mattress-

  • Mattress hygiene: Like hands, a mattress needs to be washable to keep the germs at the bay,
  • Breathable: Air circulation for temperature and moisture,
  • Anti-bacterial: Keep your skin healthy and breath easy, especially crucial for people who suffer with asthma and eczema,
  • Recyclable: Feel good, be proud, looking after New Zealand beautiful environment for years to come. 

Fullair was founded by Kiwi mates Chris and Frank. Both agree the current restless nights due to COVID-19 stress and anxiety highlight how badly we prioritise sleep.

"Some people think a comfortable bed is a healthy bed, but it's not that simple," Chris said.

"It could be so soft that getting to sleep is no issue, but at the same time the mattress may be adding tension to your back and neck."

"That's not going to make you feel refreshed in the morning," he said.

Support is just one of a small list of things that both say are key to the elusive great night's sleep.

Revealed: The four key secrets to a healthy night's sleep
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Another is temperature. The Fullair mattress is made of fully breathable materials allowing for airflow in both summer and winter, taking away the need to toss and turn during the night.

A big issue, especially in New Zealand homes, is the combined issue of moisture, bad air circulation, mould and dust mites.

When people breath and sleep in this kind of environment it can cause respiratory tract issues and skin disease, including asthma and eczema.

Humid in summer and damp in winter - at their extremes these are the worst possible conditions for a healthy and comfortable sleep. However, the breathable features from a Fullair mattress can help alleviate these issues ensuring a healthier sleep.

Revealed: The four key secrets to a healthy night's sleep
Photo credit: Supplied

"People say they flip their mattresses every six months as suggested, but I'm not sure that's really happening," Frank said.

"The moisture build-up and cleanliness of this mattress is a lot simpler to manage. The entire cover of the mattress can be removed and washed and any household washing machine."

"As a team we are very proud of the product we have come up with. It breaks down all the barriers between us, and a good night's sleep. Which more importantly, leads to a much more positive and happy morning experience," they say.

According to research from Rebound NZ, more than 300,000 mattresses are thrown away in New Zealand every year. Fullair believes this rate of waste is unsustainable and a threat to beautiful Aotearoa. They’ve committed to sustainability in everything they produce – from the mattress you sleep on, to the box it arrives in.

If you're struggling to get out of bed in the morning, even after what you'd consider a good night's sleep, then maybe it's not what side of the bed you get out of, it may just be the bed itself.

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