Review: Is the Secretlab Titan 2020 series really worth the hype?

Before Secretlab launched their beloved range of gamer chairs in New Zealand in July, keen Kiwis were forking out up to AU$740 for one as well as AU$300 for shipping, the company tells Newshub.

That's a lot of money for a seat.

Secretlab also claims it had hundreds of requests from Kiwis for the chairs to be sold directly in Aotearoa and a quick google of them gives a good idea why.

These things have a cult following which might seem a bit ridiculous. But think about how important gaming is to super intense gamers - they'll happily fork out over $500 for a decent set of headphones and several thousand dollars for a gaming PC.

For that sort of person, forking out for a really good gaming chair makes sense and according to a lot of places online, Secretlab is the best of the best.

So how good are they really?

Once you get past the garish designs and loud colours these chairs often exhibit in photos, there is no denying how comfortable they are.

The 2020 series of the Secretlab Titan is definitely one of the comfiest chairs I've ever used.

I seriously wish I had one of these while working from home through the COVID-19 lockdown as it would've done wonders for my posture.

Secretlab Game of Thrones chairs.
Photo credit: Secretlab

Yes, they're fantastic for desk work as well as gaming - even for watching movies, thanks to the reclining functionality. For that sort of thing, however, know they don't have lower leg support, so you'll want something else to put your feet on if you really want to relax in one of these.

But the feel of the luxurious prime 2.0 PU leather, the lush memory foam neck pillow, the extreme customizability of the arm rests and the lumber support all add up to an absolutely terrific sit, let me tell you.

Also if the eye-popping, out-there designs you see in pictures of these online turn you off, there are some quite subtle all-black ones available that wouldn't even look too out of place in an office.

And if you're into the loudness, you'll want to check out the Game of Thrones, Batman, Cyberpunk 2077 other franchise branded chairs they sell.

Expensive gamer chairs are already available in New Zealand from brands like Vertagear and DXRacer, but I can totally understand why Secretlab chairs have the enviable reputation they do. They're mint.

The price they're going for in New Zealand is very comparable to those aforementioned rivals, too, as well as a lot of ergonomic office chairs available locally.

It's hard to nitpick any downsides to the Titan, but I do have a couple of minor gripes. A friend said the gold T on it reminds them of Donald Trump, so that's a bit unfortunate.

Secretlab D VA Edition chair seat.
Photo credit: Sevretlab

Also, the leather is so beautiful I'm scared my cat will scratch it or my child will damage it. There's no protective seat cover I can find, but I might get a car seat cover that fits and use that.

Is that a legitimate gripe? Probably not.

All in all, the Secretlab Titan has elevated my gaming and desk work comfort a great deal and I love using it. For me, it's absolutely worth what it's being sold for here in Aotearoa - but not what people were paying to import them from Australia.


Secretlab supplied Newshub a chair for the review.