Sustainable Coastlines launches Pick Up Quick game to help tidy up NZ's beaches

A Kiwi company is putting a new spin on cleaning up our beaches by launching a game where users can clean up our shores completely virtually.

The aim is to educate players about the huge amounts of rubbish littered across our coasts and take action to stop it getting there in the first place.

Pick Up Quick has been launched by Sustainable Coastlines and in it you can head along to a New Zealand beach and score points by picking up rubbish.

"New Zealanders, we do love out beaches but we're a bit disconnected in some ways from the fact that we are polluting them," says Camden Howitt, Sustainable Coastlines co-founder.

"The aim really here is to inform the users around what the issues are on our beaches. Kiwis would probably be surprised to learn we're the 10th highest consumers of urban waste per capita in the world. 

"Despite our clean and green image, we've actually got a lot of work to do to solve this issue."

Pick Up Quick was created in PlayStation 4 game Dreams and uses data from real litter clean-ups to inform each level of the game so players can compare the rubbish they collect with what was collected in real life.

It features the beaches of Okahaki Point, Kapiti Island and Tahunanui Beach, Nelson.