US woman shares 'heinous' fat-shaming note left by downstairs neighbour

woman writing a letter
The letter made vile remarks about Savannah Pierce and her partner. Photo credit: Getty.

A US woman has shared the fat-shaming letter she says was left to her by a downstairs neighbour, complaining about the "noise" she and her partner allegedly made upstairs. 

Savannah Pierce took to TikTok to explain how tensions first began arising between her and her neighbour Claire through a series of passive-aggressive letters. 

"When your neighbour says you're too loud upstairs so they write a note saying, 'please be quiet'," Pierce narrated the video, showing the letter to the camera. 

"And you respond with a note saying: 'Sorry I'm trying to be as quiet as I can', and then they write this."

The letter was addressed to "the 'heavy' aka fat person", and made vile remarks about Pierce and her partner. 

"Have you looked in the mirror? Oh wait, don't do it side-by-side, only one would fit," the letter read. 

"What really worries me is that one of these days I'm going to see four fat (really fat) legs and asses come thought the ceiling."

It finished with the phone numbers for Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers. 

The video has been viewed over 630,000 times, with commenters offering support for Pierce, and revealing ways they would respond in kind to the "heinous" note. 

"Don't be shy, [find] their employer on their LinkedIn, email a pic of it to them, ask if this is what their company represents," one person wrote.

"What's that? You want to learn Irish step dance at 2am? YouTube has some instructions," another commented.

"Why are some people so comfortable bringing up others' body type? It's so insane to me," another wrote.

After one commenter accused Pierce of making up the letter "for likes", she posted a secondary clip showing the sheer number of letters she had received from Claire. 

"You want f**king likes and comments baby here they are, from Claire herself," she said in the clip.