Where to buy face masks in NZ: Locally made masks that look good while keeping you safe

It's safe to assume Spring 2020's hottest accessory is going to be a fashionable face mask as New Zealand works together to stay safe and well - while looking chic. 

After Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern "strongly encouraged" the use of masks for all of the country during her address on Tuesday, face mask mania set in. 

"Please cover your face, if you leave your home to access those services that are operating at COVID-19 alert level 3," she said. 

Businesses were working until 1am on Wednesday to keep up with demand and New Zealand clothing brands have been forced to switch their talents from designer clothing to mask making. 

Of course, you can make your own at home with our handy guide. 

But if you'd rather leave it to the experts we've compiled a list of brands around Aotearoa making masks so chic you'll want to match them with your whole wardrobe. 

Jojo Ross

Jojo Ross has three different trendy styles of reusable mask available online, each made from a double layer of lightweight fabric with elastic ties. "Please note these are not medical grade but perfect for trips outside of your bubble," the site notes. 


These soft but stylish locally made masks are made from polyester, cotton and spandex, but are also woven with antimicrobial silver chloride-based biocide, for a little more protection. They're also a super affordable price, considering they come in packs of three. 

Juliette Hogan

Juliette Hogan face masks will be available on the site from Thursday, the official Instagram revealed yesterday. There will be a range of fabrics and designs, although it's worth noting they also won't have space for a filter.

Rachel Mills

The chic silhouettes of Rachel Mills clothing translate to the new line of face masks, made from two layers of black organic cotton T-shirting and two layers of spun-bonded polypropylene to filter out any nasties. These are available in four different sizes, including kid's sizes.

Eva & Elle

Pick your favourite design and get a custom-made mask - whether that be a plain colour, or something snazzy like The Simpsons or 'Kiwiana' prints. All of the Eva & Elle face masks are filtered with the scientifically developed Helix.iso filter, making them perfect for when you're out and about.


Kiwi brand Ketz-ke is selling three-packs of beautifully decorated masks, with a rayon outer shell and cotton inner lining. They're perfect for your own collection, or maybe splitting amongst flatmates. The current stock has already sold out, but the site says the new dispatch can be expected next week.

Lily Bee

You know the reusable organic cotton Lily Bee lunch wraps are made of? That's the quality you can expect with these beautifully designed masks. Each mask has an opening to insert a filter and area in the top seam to insert a pipe cleaner or metal band to fit the nose piece over your cheeks should you prefer.

Mustard Seed 

The Kiwi kidswear company has expanded into masks perfect for your little ones, and they're as adorable as you can expect. The fabrics are "a lucky dip", with each one being a double thickness plus with a pocket for you to add a filter.