Woman crashes small Hawaii wedding over COVID-19 restriction breach, threatens to call police

beach wedding in Hawaii
"I'm trying not to be really rude, but I've had enough of this shit.," the woman says in the video. Photo credit: Twitter.

We've all had moments of unleashing our inner 'Karen' during lockdown when spotting people without masks or social dancing, but what about this 'Wedding-crasher Wendy'?

A video filmed by a US woman has gone viral after she crashed intimate nuptials on a Hawaii beach, berating the group for breaking lockdown conditions during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The video was shared by Twitter user 'Fifty Shades of Whey', where it's racked up over 300 shares. 

In the clip, the woman can be heard searching the beach for the small group of eight. 

"They're hiding," she says, heading towards a small row of houses. "They're getting married right now. I'm trying not to be really rude, but I've had enough of this shit." 

Upon coming across the group, the woman calls, "Aloha, aloha! This is the beach and the beach is closed."

The bride and members of the party claim they're on private property, but the woman replies: "That's not your house, you're lying." 

"You want to tell me about property? Let's talk about property cause [the home owner is] going to get arrested, too.

"The cops are coming," the woman tells the shocked group. She also hints that it's not the first time it's happened, saying to the officiant: "You're always doing this for money". 

A bystander appears to defend the group and can be heard saying: "Honey, these people don't know that's the property line." 

It's unclear whether the police did show up, or whether the couple were successfully married. 

In any case, the Hawaii Department of Land and Natural resources has ordered that beach wedding permits are invalid until September 4. 

In Auckland, weddings are allowed at alert level 3, but only for groups of 10 or less. 

Over the weekend many Aucklanders were slammed for heading to the beach during the sunny weather, some showing little regard for social distancing or wearing masks.