Woman orders marble chopping board online, receives phallic surprise

chopping board marble phallic design
"Ordered plastic and got wood." Photo credit: Twitter.

We've all ordered something online and had it not turn out quite how we imagined. A dress in the wrong size, a slogan T-shirt in the wrong language...

But one US woman got a particularly phallic surprise when she received her new chopping board from Amazon. 

While the chopping board was supposed to have an abstract marble-like pattern, the black paint had come together in a very penis-like shape. 

The woman’s friend tweeted side-by-side images of the ad and the board, captioning it: "My friend ordered these cutting boards and this is what she got". 

The tweet has left much of the internet in hysterics, racking up over 300,000 likes and 30,000 shares. 

"Ordered plastic and got wood," one person joked. 

"Oh, God, it's so... it's so detailed..." wrote another. 

While many think it's a coincidence that the marble design evaluated in the shape, others theorised it had to be on purpose. 

"I think this is an actual penis. Like tell me that isn't a ween photocopied," one person argued. 

A large number of people also decided to buy the boards in response, but sadly no one yet has had such a pornographic pattern on theirs yet. 

It's not the first online shopping fail to make headlines. 

Last year a British woman took to Twitter to blast online retailer Pretty Little Thing for a hilarious "expectation versus reality" bikini fail.