Australian magpie filmed repetitively attacking young boy

Video of a magpie repetitively attacking a young boy in Australia has left viewers in shock.

The clip, posted on Instagram on Monday, shows the boy panic-stricken as the vicious bird strikes him numerous times while riding on a scooter.

"Australia is beautiful but our native birds are killers. They'll eat your kids alive. Beware," captioned the boy's father Wayne Sherwood.

"Watch how we conquer this horrible experience."

"The trauma is real," one commented.

"This made me cry laughing this morning, thank you," another wrote.

The Australian magpie is considered a pest in New Zealand.

They may adversely affect other bird species, including native species, by competing for food, preying on eggs and aggressively defending their territories, according to Pest Detective NZ's website.

Despite this, the ferocious bird still won Australia's 'bird of the year' in 2017, according to the Guardian's poll.