Canadian man finds mouse eating his weed plants, puts it through 'rehab'

The mouse in it's rehab tank.
The mouse in it's rehab tank. Photo credit: Facebook/Colin Sullivan

A Canadian man has gone to great lengths to wean a mouse he caught eating his cannabis plants off the habit. 

Colin Sullivan posted a series of photos to Facebook on Wednesday, saying the adorable rodent had been sneaking bites of his weed plants for the previous two days. He says he had noticed the mouse creeping in and nibbling the leaves of his crop then becoming unconscious after gorging itself.

"He's missing an ear so it could be treatment for his PTSD but I still think it's time for an intervention." wrote Sullivan.

In a following Facebook post Sullivan showed the tiny mouse in a tank, saying he had been weaned off his marijuana obsession to a more acceptable level of one medium leaf a day - aiming for complete sobriety.

"I think he'll make a full recovery - one day at a time my friend, one day at a time."

And recover he did - on Monday Sullivan provided the update his Facebook followers had been waiting for - the mouse was clean and ready to be released back into the wild.

"After a long and desperate battle with addiction this little mouse has grinded up his struggle, picked out the seeds and stems and is ready to roll out," wrote Sullivan.

"I may have been the one to open his cage but he was the one who set himself free. So long my friend, till we meet again."

The saga has garnered huge interest with thousands of people commenting on the photos wishing the mouse well in its recovery.

"This series has made my year probably," wrote one woman, while another commented they were happy to hear about the mouse's road to recovery.