Christchurch gelato store makes special flavours for political party leaders

Finally for the National Party, there's a political 'poll' that has leader Judith Collins on top.

Christchurch's Rollickin' Gelato's scoop poll tallies up which party leader sells the most ice cream.

Each leader has their own flavour of gelato. There's cookies and cream for 'Cookie Crusher Collins', 'Jacinda Fever' - or red velvet cake - for the Prime Minister, 'David S'more' - or marshmallow and chocolate - for ACT's leader, 'A Shaw High' made with pistachio and hemp brownies for the Green Party co-leaders and 'Naughty Ol' Winston' made with liquorice and chocolate lumps for the New Zealand First leader.

"Judith Collins is leading at the moment - 'Cookie Crusher Collins' at 31 percent," Rollickin' Gelato owner Jed Joyce says.

Jacinda Ardern is coming in second, but Winston Peters isn't so popular.

"He started at 10 percent, dropped down to 7 and today he's at 6. So if he drops below 5, he might not have a seat," Joyce said.

The staff and clientele at the store are mostly under 25, and Joyce hopes he can get more millennials to vote in the upcoming election.

"We've had a lot of fun with some really interesting combinations and triple scoop coalitions," he said.

News of the high poll rating was broken to Collins by Newshub in Parliament on Wednesday.

"Am I? I love it, maybe I should visit them," she said.

Seymour said he was "stoked" to be coming in third in the scoop poll.

"I've heard it's the most accurate poll in New Zealand," he joked.

He's also happy with his flavour.

"Delectable, dreamy and incisive, a bit like the real thing," he said.