Coronavirus: Isolating traveller in Christchurch hotel complains of 'disgusting' food, wouldn't 'feed it to a pig'

A woman in managed isolation at a Christchurch hotel says the food being provided is "disgusting" and she "wouldn't feed it to a pig".

The woman has been staying in Christchurch's Commodore Hotel for nearly two weeks and says the only fruit she's eaten is two bananas and the fruit salad provided at breakfast time.

It was the second complaint about food at this particular hotel in as many days, after a recent arrival from Australia barricaded himself in his room after claims he'd been getting cold food for days.

Newshub was supplied photos of some of the meals by the latest complainant.

"The Government is paying for us to be well fed and looked after," the woman said. "The food here is disgusting and I would not feed it to a pig," she said in an email.

She said she hasn't been able to eat the meals, apart from the salad provided with them, and is hungry all the time.

Coronavirus: Isolating traveller in Christchurch hotel complains of 'disgusting' food, wouldn't 'feed it to a pig'
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"We have to buy drinks [and] the only thing offered free is water.

"This is not good enough and should be exposed."

A Managed Isolation and Quarantine spokesperson said they invited the woman to raise her concerns with hotel staff.

"As relayed to Newshub last week, we have received excellent feedback from other returnees about the quality of food at this hotel."

The spokesperson said they had received feedback at the weekend "praising the quality of the food and beverages provided"

Allergies, intolerances, preferences, and/or cultural/religious considerations are always taken into account when people enter managed isolation facilities, the spokesperson said.

"All food procurement, preparation, and storage must comply with current New Zealand food safety standards."

Last week, Ethan Wheeler, also staying at the Christchurch Commodore Hotel, told Newshub his meals had continuously shown up at his door cold.

"I won't be taking any food or anything," he said.

In April, quarantining Kiwis complained of "vomit-like" food at Auckland's Hilton Hotel, while a guest at the city's Crowne Plaza said her dietary requests had repeatedly gone ignored.