Gucci sells $1200 jeans with 'grass stains' on the knees

Calling all fashionistas - want to look like you fell off your bike on the way to work, for an extortionately expensive price?

Have we got the jeans for you!

In a peak 2020 move, luxury fashion retailer Gucci is charging UK customers £600 (NZ$1148) for a pair of distressed denim jeans with 'grass stains' on the knees. 

If that wasn't chic enough, the jeans also boast some brown spots around the ankles and crotch. 

According to The Sun, the brand wanted to go for a "grunge vibe". 

Well it certainly achieved that. 

"Channelling the Fall Winter 2020 Collection's grunge vibe, this wide-leg denim pant is crafted from organic cotton specifically treated for a stained-like, distressed effect," the description reportedly reads. 

"Gucci explores new takes on the cult fabric, reinterpreting it with different designs and washing techniques that blur the line between vintage and contemporary."

It's not the first bizarre piece of clothing to hit headlines. In 2018, Nordstrom sold a pair of dirty-looking, "taped up" sneakers for over $700.