Have your say: Is Lisa's Marmite Hummus yum or yuck?

  • 15/09/2020
Marmite hummus is here - does that sound delicious or disgusting?
The Marmite flavour is available in supermarkets now. Photo credit: Lisa's Hummus

In what's being called a "tasty as quintessentially Kiwi mix", Lisa's Hummus has a new Marmite flavour on the market.

The ancient Middle Eastern chickpea and tahini spread is being fused with the New Zealand yeast spread in the new product which will likely sharply divide opinion over its yumminess.

According to a press release from Lisa's Hummus, the flavour combination is a "deliciously unique product that's set to enter Aotearoa’s gastronomic hall of fame".

Marketing manager Mark Roper says it's "the most interesting" flavour of Lisa's Hummus yet.

"Luckily, us Kiwis love to be experimental and try new flavours... we couldn't be more excited to be collaborating with Marmite, another much-loved homegrown brand," says Roper.

"We can't wait for New Zealanders to give Lisa's Marmite Hummus a try with their own best mates and tell us what they think."

What do you think of the flavour idea? Have your say below.

Disclaimer: This straw poll is not scientific.