How to prep your home for painting

  • 17/09/2020
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Painting is 90 percent preparation according to paint experts. So if you're planning some DIY this is the task you should concentrate on first.

Resene expert Murdo Shaw told Magic Talk host Hamish Dodd the bathroom is the most essential room when it comes to preparation.

He suggests the most important thing when preparing your bathroom is to make sure the painting surfaces are very clean and recommends applying enamels due to the moisture exposure. 

Preparing the exterior of your home first is equally as important. 

"When painting the exterior of your home it is important to eliminate any moss or mould and leave it ideally for 12 hours," Shaw says. 

"Paint Prep and Housewash from Resene can be applied to the exterior of the house, brushed and rinsed off so that it is ready to paint," he suggests. 

Listen to the interview for more DIY preparation tips. 

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