'Incredibly bad': Wedding guest's prank during nuptials leaves girlfriend, bride horrified

man in suit woman in white dress
"There's a time and place for 'pranks' and this was not it. " Photo credit: Getty.

A man has left the internet - and his own girlfriend - horrified, after revealing the "hilarious" prank he pulled during his friend's wedding. 

Sharing on the popular forum 'Am I the Asshole?', the Reddit user explained he pranked a best friend during their wedding day, as they "always get a kick out of" pulling pranks on each other. 

For context, the Reddit user explained that previously the groom had once told him an event was a costume party, but when he turned up it was just normal attire. 

But we feel that really doesn't excuse this one. 

"In the weeks leading up to the wedding, I told my girlfriend to wear white as it was expected all the women would," the Reddit user wrote. 

"She was reluctant but I told her that it was just a quirky thing the bride and groom were doing, so she said 'OK' and bought a white dress."

Wearing white to a wedding is, of course, one of the biggest sins a guest can commit. 

When the couple arrived at the ceremony, the groom's girlfriend found that the rest of the guests were wearing standard, non-white wedding guest attire. 

"My girlfriend was mortified," the Reddit user wrote. "When my best friend saw what I had done, he was cracking up and joked 'I guess you two are getting married instead of us!'"

"The bride was pissed off and made a huge deal out of it. Normally she is really chill so I was surprised by her anger. My friend even tried to calm her down and told her it was just clothing and it doesn't change anything."

The Reddit user wrote he felt "incredibly bad" but "really didn't think it was a big deal". 

"I personally think this is being blown out of proportion, but I don't know." 

At the time of publishing, the four-hour-old post has already racked up over 800 responses mostly from appalled commenters, pointing out that this wasn't even really a prank on the friend. 

"Omg. It wasn't just your bestie that you did this to. You also did it to your gf and the poor bride. What an asshole move," wrote one person. 

"You embarrassed your girlfriend by making her wear white to a wedding. You and your friend may love pranking each other, but she didn't sign up for being pranked at her expense at such a public venue," pointed out another. "[And] you pissed off the bride by breaking one of the cardinal rules of weddings. She may be 'really chill' most of the time but her wedding day is probably the one day anybody would not 'be chill'". 

"You're the asshole. There's a time and place for 'pranks' and this was not it. And to get your girlfriend involved with it too is awful," wrote another. 

The response was so swift and one-sided the Reddit user even added an amendment to his post. 

"I would really appreciate it if women wouldn't respond to this thread due to bias on their part."

We bet you would. 

It's not the first time a wedding guest has ruined someone else's nuptials. Earlier this year a guest was accused of trying to "upstage the bride" after wearing a red, lacy dress to her friend's wedding.