Instagrammamble 'mermaid latte' pop-up coming to Auckland this weekend

mermaid latte
The mermaid latte might be the most Instagrammable drink of Spring. Photo credit: Supplied.

Influencers get your presets ready - this weekend a very Instagrammable latte pop-up is coming to Auckland. 

Kiwi skincare brand Syrene is hosting a mermaid latte pop-up outside MECCA at Commercial Bay on Friday and Saturday, so those keen on an aesthetically pleasing cup shot should get their nails done and head along. 

If you're wondering what a mermaid latte is, don't worry - it's nothing fishy. 

Instead, it's a bright blue latte similar to chai in taste. These ones are made with a nourishing infusion of blue superfoods, sea minerals, adaptogenic herbs, Ayurvedic chai spices, creamy coconut milk and manuka honey. 

There will also be Kokako coffee on offer if it really doesn't sound like your kind of thing, and Syrene samples to share.

A spokeswoman for Syrene told Newshub to keep everyone safe and healthy throughout the event, social distancing measures will be enforced on site, with a COVID-19-tracer QR code available to scan; mask-wearing event staff and hand sanitiser provided.