Internet baffled by photos of man proposing to girlfriend on the toilet, buying sex swing to celebrate

man proposing on toilet
"That will be one to tell the grandkids about," one commenter remarked. Photo credit: Facenook/ That's It I'm Wedding Shaming.

Some pretty novel proposals have hit headlines over the years, including death-defying stunts and KFC-laden engagement spots. But this one might just take the wedding cake - and the internet isn't happy about it. 

A UK man is being slammed online after apparently popping the question to his girlfriend while she was on the loo. If that wasn't already too much information, the soon-to-be-groom then apparently bought a sex swing to celebrate the woman saying yes. 

Photos of the questionable event were shared by the happy bride-to-be in a wedding shaming Facebook group.

"So [the] most random engagement!" the woman wrote in her post. "My fella just proposed while I was on the toilet."

She then added the very important edit: "To celebrate our engagement he just ordered a sex swing." 


man proposing on toilet
The bizarre proposal spot baffled the internet. Photo credit: Facenook/ That's It I'm Wedding Shaming.

The post quickly racked up hundreds of comments and likes, with a lot of Facebook users disgusted by the post.

"Please tell me she washed her hands before putting the ring on - leave me with that thin hope for the future of humanity," one person wrote. 

"How you propose when you know your marriage is in the crapper," another person wrote. 

"Why do we need to know about the sex swing? Just why is that necessary?" another questioned. 

But others saw the funny side. 

"That's true commitment, proposing during one of the shittiest times," one person joked. 

"That's a story for the grandkids for sure," wrote another.