Internet horrified as woman washes boyfriend's filthy pillows for the first time in 10 years

Commenters couldn't believe the bedding had gotten so bad.
Commenters couldn't believe the bedding had gotten so bad. Photo credit: TikTok/@itsamemargieo.

If you're one of those adults still rocking the mattress and pillow you had when you were at high school - this video might have you rushing to replace them. 

A woman has posted a TIkTok video showing the incredible result after washing her boyfriend's bed pillows for what she claims is the first time in 10 years. 

In the video, posted by US woman Margaret aka @Itsamemargieo, she places the disgusting, stained pillows in her bathtub, along with a killer concoction of borax, bleach, and dishwasher tablets.

After letting them soak, she transfers them to the washing machine - and they come out white, fluffy and almost unrecognisable. 

"This was worth driving to three different stores to find borax," she captioned the video.

The clip has racked up over 1.7 million views and left viewers baffled and horrified at how Margaret's boyfriend let his bedding get so bad. 

"Replace the boyfriend," one commenter advised. 

"10 years of sweat, dead skin, dirt, oil and bacteria," another wrote. 

"They are meant to be replaced every two years - they come with expiry dates on them," another pointed out. 

According to experts, you should indeed replace your pillows about once every two years as a general rule, both for hygiene reasons and to make sure it's still supporting your neck properly. 

Duvets can potentially last longer (up to 10 years depending on the quality), but are also much easier to wash – something you should be doing every two to three months.

And these rules, of course, apply to the inners - pillow and duvet cases you should be washing once a week at least, to prevent a build up of grime and bacteria.