Internet split over whether groom's mid-vows prank is 'hilarious' or 'terrible'

There are plenty of times when being pranked by your partner is hilarious - like when you're in a good mood after a proper sleep, or during day 1000 of lockdown. 

Some might argue there are very un-funny moments to pull a prank - like right in the middle of your wedding vows. 

But that didn't stop one groom, whose unexpected move of pretending to consult with his groomsmen over whether to say "I do" has split the internet. 

A video of the "tacky" prank was shared to a popular 'Wedding Shaming' forum on Reddit. The clip shows the officiant asking the groom if he agrees to be "joined in matrimony" with his bride. 

The groom then tells the minister to "hang on", before turning around and getting into a huddle with his groomsmen. 

As the congregation laughs, the men look back at the bride who is left standing alone on the stage, before continuing their consultation. 

The groom eventually comes back to his confused bride and after holding her hand again, belatedly says "OK I do". 

Everyone at the wedding appeared to find the joke hilarious, including the minister who told the bride: "You know I had nothing to do with that". 

But many online commenters didn't find the gag quite as funny and said if their significant other pulled it at their wedding, they would be furious. 

"Ladies, at your wedding, would this qualify as an acceptable joke, or a reasonable cause for beheading?" the Reddit user who posted the video captioned it. 

"I think it's pretty tacky and awkward," one person replied. "I don't appreciate this type of humour, and I would not find it funny if my [future husband] would 'pretend' to have to think about whether or not he'd actually like to marry me as we're standing there about to be wed."

"I thought it was super cringy too! I'd absolutely hate something like that at my wedding," another wrote. 

Others found the it "hilarious". 

"Given her reaction and the crowd's reaction I think it’s cute," wrote one person. 

"I could see this kind of joke being awkward with the wrong people, but it's perfectly executed here," another pointed out. 

"I would laugh my ass off and want to marry him even more," another added. 

It's not the first time in recent weeks an unexpected wedding event has hit headlines. Earlier this year, a cringeworthy video of a groom's pregnant mistress crashing his wedding vows went viral on TikTok.