'It can't just be a tea towel': Woman creates gorgeous spring dress out of $2 Kmart tea towels

womans dress made from kmart tea towels
Commenters couldn't believe the stunning spring frock was once 11 $2 tea towels. Photo credit: Instagram/Kmart NZ.

Ever looked at someone else's crafty creation and thought 'wow, I wish I had the talent to do that'? 

This is probably going to be one of those times. 

Selika, a Thai woman now living in Australia, has documented her sewing adventures on Instagram for the past three years, whipping up gorgeous dresses, jackets and even face masks. 

The Melbourne local is no stranger to using unusual fabrics for her creations, at one point even using furnishing fabric to create a dress. 

But it's a recent video showing off a beautiful spring frock made from Kmart's cockatoo-print tea towels that has captured the hearts of sewing enthusiasts everywhere. 

Taking 11 of the tea towels to a wearable dress took her seven to eight hours, she told Mamamia

Selika shared a video of the transformation on her Instagram where its racked up almost 4000 views. 

"My tea towel dress made from Kmart tea towels," she captioned the video, which shows her first using one of the towels to dry a pot, before switching to her in the brightly patterned gown. 

"Oh my gosh! So cute! I'm going to Kmart to get some," one person wrote. 

"If I made that out of tea towels it would look like a tea towel dress," another joked.

"So impressed!" praised another. 

Selika told Mamamia she was inspired by other creations she saw on social media. 

"I saw a few people had made bucket hats from them [the tea towels] and I thought I could make a dress," she said. 

"The pattern print on the tea towel is so beautiful, it can't just be a tea towel."