'It's a little over the top': Miley Cyrus reveals why she quit being vegan to The Edge radio show

Miley Cyrus no longer vegan
Cyrus has made some significant lifestyle changes in recent months, including ditching her previous vegan diet. Photo credit: Getty.

After being an outspoken vegan and animal rights activist for many years, pop star Miley Cyrus has revealed her new diet is one of the major lifestyle changes she's made in recent months. 

Cyrus joined the Edge morning show on Monday to chat about new music and her upcoming album. During the interview, host Megan Annear brought up Cyrus' diet, which made headlines after the 'Wrecking Ball' singer revealed on Joe Rogan’s podcast that she is now following a pescatarian diet and eating fish. 

"I heard you're not vegan any more... [there are] massive lifestyle changes for you at the moment. You're sober, you're no longer vegan," said Annear. 

"I think life's about trial and error and finding out what works for you," Cyrus replied. 

"I'm someone that when I feel like something is working for me I want to share it because it feels right... but then you end up holding yourself to a standard that again people just attach to.

"Its not about saying forever - I'm not saying that I would stay 'un-vegan' or not - I think when you become the face of something it's a lot of pressure." 

Cyrus said she was expecting some backlash from the vegan community. 

"When I was vegan I was really worried about other peoples diets and really judgey... it's a little over the top to be so invested in other people's diets. 

"If I was feeling at my best... and could learn how to live at a 110 [percent] living a vegan lifestyle I would have done... I just didn't get there." 

Cyrus announced in 2014 that she had chosen a life of veganism. Her ex-husband actor Liam Hemsworth is also vegan, and according to social media the couple's 2018 wedding was vegan.