'Kids are crying': UK woman slams 'pathetic' Lindt chocolate box

The measly number of chocolates in the tin horrified the woman, and other commenters.
The measly number of chocolates in the tin horrified the woman, and other commenters. Photo credit: Facebook/Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group.

If you're a chocoholic like me, there are few things in this world better than a Lindt chocolate truffle - they're the creme da la creme of sweet treats. 

But one UK woman has been left less than impressed with a Christmas 'sharing' box released to fans this year, expressing her disgust in the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Group on Facebook.

The woman shared a photo of the open tin, warning others: "For all those who were brimming with excitement at the new Lindt chocolate tins, THIS is the pathetic and disgusting amount of chocolates actually in them".  

"Bought this today from Tesco, opened with pure delight and then sat back in complete disbelief," she added in the impassioned post. "Don't waste your money, people."

The tin of 32 chocolates cost £10 (NZ$19), but several commenters did point out that the box clearly advertises the amount of chocolate inside. 

It didn't stop hundreds of commenters jumping in to slam the chocolatier for being measly with their 'sharing' box. 

"Is this the total contents? I saw it was only 200g and wondered why it was in a tin so big," one woman questioned. 

"If 2020 was a tin of chocolates," another joked. 

"Shocking," added a third. "Brexit, Covid and now Lindorgate. Honestly I'm absolutely livid. How dare they. Kids are crying now."

A spokesperson for Lindt told Metro they were "sorry" to hear of the disappointment. 

"Each of our Christmas tins contains an average 32 individually wrapped truffles… We have packaged it in a presentation tin to make it perfect for sharing this Christmas and hopefully to use for many years to follow.

"We are of course taking all feedback onboard and are working with our teams to ensure our consumers are fully happy with every [Lindt] product they enjoy this Christmas."

Hopefully by the time it reaches New Zealand, there might be a few more chocolates inside.