Kumara toast: The answer to shedding lockdown kilos

Fruit and vegetable experts are saying the answer to shedding lockdown kilos could be replacing toast with kumara.

Kiwis are being encouraged to cut unhealthy carbs and replace them with vegetables for breakfast.

5+ A Day Charitable Trust project manager Carmel Ireland says you can make 'kumara toast' by slicing kumara and putting it straight into the toaster. 

"You get a lot of fibre and Vitamin C content and you get all the associated benefits when you're adding produce on top like avocado and mushrooms," Ireland says.

Simply cut your kumara lengthwise into slices and cook them for four to 10 minutes, depending on the thickness.

"Eating lots of bread or toasting English muffins and crumpets for breakfast, won't give you the sustained energy your body needs," the 5+ A Day website states.

"You'll soon be hungry again and are more likely to load up on sugar-filled toppings such as jam or honey."

Celebrity chef Simon Gault says you could even experiment with different vegetables.

"You could do it with carrot, you could do it with beetroot, there's all sorts of things you can do… and it's nutritious."

Although nutrient content varies slightly depending on the variety you eat, one orange kumara contains 118 percent of your recommended daily intake (RDI) of Vitamin A, while red kumara is packed with Vitamin C (121 percent RDI).

Newshub found four kumara were nearly three times the price of a $3.20 loaf of white bread, but potatoes could also be a good option.

"If you're eating in season, vegetables and fruit are really affordable," Ireland says.