The Father's Day gift guide for every type of dad in your life

fathers day gift ideas
If he's into food, fitness, or just sitting in front of the telly, we have a gift idea for you. Photo credit: Supplied/Instagram: Ironclad Pad Co., Acord TV, Fitbit.

If all the days of 2020 have blurred together and you're not entirely sure what day, week or month it is, we have some exciting news: it's September 1! Which means this coming Sunday falls in the first weekend of September, and is therefore Father's Day. 

I know, it was just March about five seconds - and also five years - ago, so that seems insane. But don't panic! You don't have to resort to the socks and scorched almonds combination just yet.

We've put together a list of Father's Day items perfect for any kind of dad or father-ish figure in your life, to say thanks for all the love and hard work over the years. 

If you don't have a dad in your life, you can substitute in any extra-special friend, family member, or maybe even yourself, if you just feel like you deserve a little TLC after a long year. 

For the foodie dad

If dad spends his evenings experimenting in the kitchen after watching too much Masterchef Australia, get him some of the proper fancy tools to live his Gordon Ramsey-esque dreams. Every home cook needs a good cast iron skillet. They're amazing for whipping up the perfect steak, an eggy shakshuka for Sunday brunch, even a brownie if he has a sweet tooth! The Ironclad Pan Company makes its cast iron pans right here in NZ, and each one comes with a three-generation guarantee - meaning it's not just a gift for dad, it's also one for his children and also their children. Win, win, win. 

For the dad that loves to binge-watch

If dad worked his way through all the good stuff on Netflix, ThreeNow and Neon during lockdown, we have a new way to cater to his television addiction. Streaming service Acorn is packed with great British television - think classics like Father Ted and Agatha Christie's Poirot, as well as gritty crime dramas like Line of Duty. Just prepare yourself for a list of recommendations to come through on the family WhatsApp, probably about six months after you've already watched all of them. 

For the DIY-dad

According to a survey from hardware and homewares giant Bunnings, 71 percent of Kiwis have at least one unfinished job to do at home, with general gardening, decluttering, painting and landscaping topping the list. If dad is always starting projects only to abandon them without the right tools, it's time you kitted him out properly. Something like the Hart 55-piece mixed screwdriver kit will mean dad is prepared for every task, big or small, you call him to come and undertake at your flat (he'll be thrilled). Meanwhile, a handy portable cordless radio means he can work away while listening to his station of choice, whether that be talkback, The Rock, The Sound or George. 

For the fitspo dad

If your dad has gotten into pounding the pavement or developed a new love for yoga during lockdown, help him along on his fitness journey with some tech to track his progress. Health tracker giant Fitbit has just launched its most advanced smartwatch, the Fitbit Sense. Not only will dad be able to measure his fitness and distance, but the watch also uses an electrodermal activity sensor to help manage stress. An on-wrist skin temperature sensor is also very handy for these sickness-wary times. 

The brand-new dad

For this one, I asked a colleague who welcomed a baby last year and he pointed me towards two absolute goers. One - a voucher for a professional photoshoot to get some quality images of dad's new family. Often parents are so busy grabbing their photos of their newborn, or snapping pics with other friends and family, they forget to be included in the shots. 

The other? A quality bottle of whiskey from Kiwi online retailer Whiskey and More, like the Nikka Coffey Grain or the Laphroaig Quarter Cask. In his words: "A dram a day keeps the insanity away".