UK man who married his mother-in-law says he'd 'do it all again'

Brenda and Clive Blunden.
Brenda and Clive Blunden. Photo credit: The Mirror

A man who married his mother-in-law says after their three-decades-long relationship, they're still very happy despite its unconventional start.

UK couple Clive Blunden, 65, and his wife Brenda, 77, have been together since 1989 and married in 2007. But beforehand, Clive had married Brenda's daughter Irene in 1977 and had two children before divorcing in 1985.

Clive and Brenda wanted to marry each other in 1997, but after announcing their impending marriage at the register office in their hometown of Warrington, Cheshire, Clive was arrested.

He was warned he could be jailed for up to seven years if the pair married since Brenda was his mother-in-law and there was a "lawful impediment".

The couple assumed they could marry each other because Brenda's first husband, Richard, had passed away and Irene had remarried.

"I thought we should be married because we had been through everything together," Clive told the Mirror.

It took until 2005 before a European court ruled it was a violation of human rights to ban in-laws on marrying each other, and the pair later married in 2007.

The majority of their family members didn't attend, including Brenda's daughter Irene, and only one distant relative sent them a congratulations card.

"Our families didn't come because they didn't agree with it. But all we cared about was being with each other," Brenda said.

Clive said being married to Brenda for the past 13 years has "changed" him.

"What made it perfect for me is we can be on our own all day and still get along. We would do it all again."

Brenda said while they don't go out of their way to tell strangers how they met. when they do tell the story people don't believe them.

"A lot of people thought it wouldn't last but we can't live without each other."