Vegan extremist Miss Kadie quits organ donor status after realising 'humans are despicable'

  • 15/09/2020

TikTok star Miss Kadie is under fire for a "heartless" rant in which she says she's no longer willing to donate her organs because she's realised humans are "despicable".

The vegan extremist used her @ThatVeganTeacher account to tell her more than 950,000 followers. 

"I always talked about the importance of signing our organ donor cards, but this year, for the first time in my life, I've decided not to sign it," she said.

"I realised how despicable society is, how many evil people are out there... I've decided there's no way on earth I want any of you to ever get my organs if I die."

As is her TikTok style, Miss Kadie wears a T-shirt in the video emblazoned with a vegan slogan - this one reading 'Vegan because I give a shit'.

She continues by saying she wouldn't mind other vegans being allowed her organs - but no one else is worthy.

"The only people I would ever want are vegan animal rights activists. I will give those organs to those people and I know they will not be murdering animals to put into that body. The rest of you will continue to live and just keep murdering animals."

Commenters on the post pointed out that Miss Kadie was potentially preventing children from live-saving treatment with her stance - and encouraging her followers to do the same.

"Thank you for condemning someone to death because of a bunch of 'evil people'," one said.

"Tell that to the next child who needs a new organ."

Another commenter called Miss Kadie's message "heartless", but others supported it.

The video has been viewed 16,000 times at the time of publishing.