Viral video shows neighbour's 15-metre long note over kid's toys

The 15-metre long note.
The 15-metre long note. Photo credit: Reddit

A puzzled parent in the US shared a 15-metre long note left by a neighbour following a dispute over their kid's toys.

The note, shared on Reddit on Wednesday appears to be written on an entire roll of art paper, in different coloured pens.

The neighbour claimed to have written the note on behalf of her daughter who demanded the return of her toys apparently left in their backyard.

"Neighbour says her seven-year-old daughter told her to write a mean 'note' telling us to give her toys back that the girl had left in our yard," the parent wrote on Reddit.

"Basically rambles on about wanting back toys that her kids have left in the yard and in the house," they said, adding that the full message was too long to transcribe.

The parents added that this note was the latest chapter in an ongoing dispute.

"We've told her she's more than welcome to come over and look around for any more that may be theirs."

The video shared on reddit gained thousands of comments in the matter of hours.

"A note? That's a f*cking constitution," one commented.

"Could they… not have just knocked on the door and asked…?"

Another made a suggestion as to how to respond.

"Burn the toys in your yard in front of them."