Which fast food option does Jacinda Ardern love more: McDonald's or KFC?

Prime Minister Jacinda Arden has revealed which fast-food chain has her heart when asked to choose between takeaway giants McDonald's and KFC. 

During a quickfire round of questions on The AM Show on Tuesday, host Duncan Garner asked the PM which she preferred. 

Ardern took a beat to decide before replying: "Macca's." 

"I felt like that was a real vote-loser, that answer just then - but I can't go past a cheeseburger," she revealed. 

Garner warned Ardern that "KFC in South Auckland is popular" and it might "kill" her votes during election time next month. 

"I was thinking more [about] Clarke, actually!" she responded, hinting that some compromise may be needed in the Gayford/Ardern household during takeaway night.

During the round of questions, the PM also shut down any rumours over a forthcoming tax on fizzy drinks for the country if she remains in the job after the October 17 election. 

"Sugar is in everything. Fizzy drinks are not our only problem, so no."