Bride considers uninviting her own sister from her wedding as she can't afford registry gift

bride and bridesmaids
Once again, wedding planning has not brought out the best in one particular bride. Photo credit: Getty.

Planning a wedding can be tricky at the best of times and if past stories are anything to go by, it doesn't always bring out the best in a bride. 

That's certainly the case with one US bride who has shocked the internet after revealing she considered uninviting her sister to her wedding because she couldn't afford a gift. 

A screenshot of the anonymous bride's post in what appears to be a wedding planning Facebook group was shared on Reddit.

In the post, the bride revealed she had sent her gift registry to all confirmed guests for her wedding next year. 

"My sister called me in tears and said she can't afford anything on the gift registry," the bride wrote. 

Looking for advice, she offered fellow group members some options to choose from. 

Bride considers uninviting her own sister from her wedding as she can't afford registry gift
Photo credit: Facebook.

"Should I put some cheap things that I don't really need on my gift registry to make sure people who can't afford don't feel bad?" the bride wrote. "[Or] put a note on the registry to say that cash gifts are also acceptable?"

But it was the third option really took the wedding cake. 

"[Or] disinvite my sister from the wedding?"

"Namaste," she finished the post. 

Although we can't see the reactions of group members, Reddit users in the Wedding Shaming forum sure had a lot to say about the bride's lack of loyalty. 

"Cancel your wedding and book a therapist," one person wrote. 

"The 'Namaste' is cherry on the top of this bridezilla sundae," joked another. 

Another pointed out that perhaps the registry gifts were priced abnormally high if they caused a woman to cry. 

"Disinvite someone because she/he cannot afford a gift? Can you afford any of the gifts? If not, maybe you should disinvite yourself from your own wedding," they wrote. 

Many bridezillas have been hitting headlines in recent months. Earlier this year the internet was split after a bride slammed her sister's "hideous, inappropriate" wedding outfit.