'Crazy' wedding guest steals bridal bouquet off another woman in 'savage' viral video

The guest was filmed snatching the bouquet out of another guest's hands.
The guest was filmed snatching the bouquet out of another guest's hands. Photo credit: Reddit/ @hppy_xmas_harry.

Among all the popular wedding traditions out there, there is one antiquated custom which always seems to matter more to a particular set of guests than the bride or groom. 

I'm talking, of course, about the bouquet toss: The tradition of the bride throwing her bridal bouquet behind her to the unmarried women in the room, with whoever catches it apparently being the next to wed. 

It's all meant to be in good fun - except in the case of one US wedding guest in a now-viral video, who took it much too seriously.

In the clip posted in the self-explanatory 'Trashy' Reddit forum, a bride is filmed preparing to toss the bouquet to the gaggle of excited women behind her. 

One lucky guest wearing a black dress is the first to catch the flowers - before another woman pushes past her to snatch the bouquet out of her hands. 

The two women briefly grapple over the bouquet, before the guest who originally caught the flowers gives up and releases them to the victor. 

The thief then holds the flowers in the air before performing a victory dance and pointing at her embarrassed boyfriend. 

Finally, as one shocked viewer commented below "they all walked awkwardly away, including the boyfriend". 

The post was captioned: "The most savage bouquet toss I have ever seen," and racked up 

almost 3000 comments from viewers appalled at the guest's actions. 

"Everyone there just had an internal yikes moment," wrote one commenter. 

"Would you marry the chick that just stole flowers out of someone's hand?" questioned another. "Just saying, that's a dead give away for how bad the divorce in three years is going to be. That's the type of chick that takes the dog too."

"The girl who caught it first was wise to just let it go and let the crazy lady have it," pointed out a third. 

But the woman isn't the first rogue wedding guest to make headlines. Earlier this year, a guest was accused of trying to "upstage the bride" with her "inappropriate" red, sheer dress.