Cuticles, biting, colours: All you need to know about getting your nails ready for summer

If you're battling with stubby, fragile nails, we have advice from one of the city's top experts. Photo credit: Supplied.

Heading into summer means it's time to start thinking about all those little beauty treatments we let slide during a long, cold winter in lockdown. Tanning our deathly pale skin, cutting and recolouring our neglected locks, and of course, tending to our bare and brittle nails. 

If you're also struggling to get those claws ready for the festive season, we've gone to the experts for advice. 

Zoe Clarke, the owner of Auckland beauty salon INCO, has answered some of the most burning questions about tending to our nails on fingers and toes, to get them strong, long and healthy for the warmer months. 

At the end of a long winter, what can I do to restore my nails if they're suffering?

The best thing for looking after your nails is cuticle oil. Apply at least one or two times a day to ensure nail health is at its maximum. 

I have short stubby nails that don't grow and I'm embarrassed by them - can I still get a manicure?

Of course! Getting regular manicures will protect your nails and help them grow out. If you're a nail biter, having something on your nails makes it harder to bite them. We have a great product that helps strengthen the nail if you are wanting more length. 

Nail magic underway at INCO salon in Ponsonby.
Nail magic underway at INCO salon in Ponsonby. Photo credit: Supplied.

What colours and shades are going to be the big hitters this summer?

Neons! Definitely all the bright colours for summer! And variations of nudes never date and are great for all summer occasions.

What's the best way to extend the life of my manicure? 

Apply cuticle oil daily. Wear gloves when doing chores in and around the house, and remember nails are jewels not tools!

We'll be chanting "jewels not tools" all festive season - what a great excuse for not doing the dishes. 

Clarke's salon INCO partnered with Magnum ice cream this month on a now sold-out series of manicures, with $10 from each going to charity Sisters United for its 'Young Queens' programme

Founded by Parris and Kendall Goebel, Young Queens is a fortnightly peer-mentoring programme run in Auckland high schools for young women based at The Palace Dance Studio, using creative arts to help their confidence, teach life skills, expose them to new experiences and role-models.